Give Yourself Permission To Explore Your Creativity


Tools and give-aways

I am reserving this section for tools and exercises that will help you look into your creative talents, your strengths, your achievements and your aspirations. These tools and exercises are designed to get your creative juices flowing, encourage you to put on your thinking hat, dare you to wear your "glittery dream goggles" - don't worry, no one else can see you, and so what if they do, we all own a pair. These are mine and they work wonders!

Glittery Dream Goggles


Click on the image to access some questions that encourage you to really think about the creative YOU. Use them to help you identify the areas in your life that you would like to explore. Discover what motivates you. Allow the questions to help you begin to map out some goals that you would like to work towards. 

Share your answers with me and we can schedule a complimentary conversation to work out the next steps.



Let your imagination run wild! What are some of your wildest creative dreams? What are those things you have always wanted to try? What did you always want to become? This tool is to encourage you to think beyond your everyday, to help you begin to put together what you imagine could be included in your life.
Use the question exercise above to help you.

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This is a tool designed to help you map out some creative ideas. You can base this on an idea, a plan, a notion etc. and then let your mind wander as you collect further thoughts and ideas around it.

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Steps and strategies

You may already know exactly what you want to add to your life but are stuck on the how, when and what if's...

This is where my passion of being a creativity coach comes into play. Working with me will help you turn this into a reality and together we can work out the steps that need to be taken in order for you to reach your goal.

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Energy Leadership Index Assessment Tool

Energy Leadership index (ELI) Assessment

Why do we view the world the way we do?

During the course of our lives we sub-consciously develop filters that impact the way we perceive our life and circumstances. These filters can either limit what we see or expand our vision.

The ELI assessment reveals to us how we show up in different moments in our life. It enables us to identify and understand our attitudes, values, behaviors and reactions. It allows us to begin to understand how we perceive our life and recognize the areas we would like to improve.

What is my full potential and what do I have to offer?

During the debrief, I will explain to you the 7 levels of energy (upon which the assessment is based) where you become aware of how your energy shows up in different situations both at home and at work. Identifying your levels of energy helps you determine how and where your strengths, talents and skills can benefit you the most.

Putting this into action.

I will offer you insights into steps you can take towards implementing these qualities allowing you to unleash your potential and create the life that matters most to you.