Out of touch with your creative self?



In my experience there are several scenarios and stages in life when people seek to re-engage their creative selves. The common thread is that people come to me with a hunger for self-discovery and are receptive to new ideas.
In my coaching, I help clients strengthen their capacity to listen to and trust their creative instincts.

We all have different ambitions. I help people find out what these are and help them work out the steps required to reach their identified goals. Some may be on a personal creative journey. Others may be seeking ways to use their creative strengths in their business.

It is my goal to help you win your own success and create the life that matters most to you.

Be it in the arts or elsewhere, how does your creativity achieve life/work balance, bring you satisfaction and help you live the life that is most important to you?

My name is Emma Tallack and I am a certified professional creativity coach. I am a mother of two wonderful sons and my creative outlet is jewelry design.

Finding my creative element has instilled in me the importance of having creativity in our lives. As an artist, I am grateful for the opportunity of being allowed to pursue my own creative dream.

As a creativity coach I am devoted to helping you discover your creative self, recognize your talents and live your own dream. It is my mission to help you clear the path, to make room and allow creativity into your life.


Who is a good candidate for coaching?

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Reconnect with your Inner Artist

Does this sound like you?

  • You're out of touch with your creative self. You have lost sight of this part of you and you want to find it again.
  • You have a satisfactory job - or perhaps a frustrating one - and you have always wished you had a venue where you could express your creative self.

  • The kids have left home and you want to get back in touch with your creative self. But where do you start?
  • You are simply ready to try something completely new, want to explore your creative side but need a gentle shove to get going.
  • You are an artist but you're stuck. You need some help getting back into your art and to find your voice again.
  • You're a writer. Work and life have got in the way. How can you carve out time in your schedule to allow for some "you" time? How can you strike that balance?
  • You wonder what your life would look like if you started your own business. How can you learn to trust your creative instincts and make it happen?
  • How can I make my idea happen?
  • What if...?

Discover what creativity
means to you.

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We all deserve to know ourselves, we all deserve to express ourselves and we all deserve to be fulfilled and enjoy life.
Discovering our creative strengths and talents and allowing ourselves to include these in our lives has the great potential to make a difference in our overall feeling of satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment.
Using our creativity not only helps us gain confidence in ourselves but it is also a tool we can use to show others who we are and what we can do. We are all creative.

Learn how to incorporate your talents & skills into everyday life.

How can I help you get the results you want?


You are the expert and you have the answers.

With your permission, I ask you a series of probing questions and listen as you find those answers.

Creativity coaching challenges you to question what matters to you. I have designed a process that helps to identify your goals and understand why they are so important to you.

We work together to discover any barriers that stand in your way and understand how they hold you back. I support you as you overcome self-doubt, and I provide tools to empower you to dig deep and recognize your core values. My unique approach to creativity coaching involves turning what you’ve discovered about your goals into action. We find realistic ways to put your creative intentions into practice in your day-to-day life. I will challenge you and hold you accountable, at the same time that I will help honor your commitment and recognize achievements.

Working with me as your coach will help you get to where you really want to be, pursue a fulfilling life, and enjoy long-lasting results.


What is holding you back?

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